Bulk Uploading Class Participants: Teachers and Students

For efficiently adding participants from various schools in one go, KidsLipi offers a straightforward bulk import process. This method is ideal for enrolling students and teachers across multiple school terms, schools, and classes with a single upload.

  • Access the Template: Begin by downloading our template file. This import file template is designed to help you organize all class participants accurately.

  • Filling Out the Template: Ensure that each participant's details are listed correctly. It’s crucial that the names for terms, schools, and classes in the template exactly match those you've established in the Class Management section.

  • Uploading Your File: Once your import file is prepared, navigate to the upload page by clicking the 'Bulk Upload' link on the Users page. Select your file and then click 'Yes' on 'Confirm user upload dialog box.

By following this process, you can significantly streamline the setup for diverse class participants, ensuring everyone is correctly added to the system with minimal effort.

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