What is Custom Content?

KidsLipi empowers educators to enhance learning experiences through custom content. While all users, including individual teachers, can create custom activities, access to advanced features varies based on the subscription type.

For Individual Teachers: Individual educators can craft unique activities using publicly accessible URLs for audio and image files. This flexibility allows for the integration of personalized content into the learning environment.

For Schools with Subscriptions: School subscriptions unlock a suite of advanced features designed to tailor the learning experience closely to the school's curriculum. Here are the functionalities and their benefits:

  • Private Drive for Custom Files: Securely store custom images and audio files. This feature ensures that educational content, including visuals and sounds, is readily available and protected, enhancing lesson engagement.

  • Text to Speech Integration: Leverage machine-generated audio URLs to bring text to life. This functionality supports diverse learning styles, helping students improve their listening and comprehension skills through auditory learning.

  • Speech Marks Functionality: Enhance reading comprehension with speech marks that highlight text as it's read aloud. This visual cue aids in the understanding of pronunciation and fluency, supporting early readers and language learners.

  • Curriculum Scanning and Text Conversion: Convert printed curriculum materials into digital text. This powerful tool saves time, facilitates easy content updates, and ensures that all students have access to digital learning materials.

  • Workspace Management: Store all your content in one place, enabling easy creation of custom activities with workflow wizards. Select content directly from the workspace for more efficient content creation.

These enhanced capabilities ensure schools can fully customize the educational content, providing a more engaging and effective learning journey for students while meeting the diverse needs of all students.

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