Getting Started

Welcome to KidsLipi, a dynamic language learning platform that helps educators create interactive learning app based on school curricula. KidsLipi platform consists of two primary components:

  1. Admin Portal: This is where you can manage content, classes, teachers, students, and other administrative tasks.

  2. Mobile App: A user-friendly app where class teachers and students can access and engage with assigned class activities, quizzes, games, as well as view reports.

If you are a parent or a class teacher seeking assistance with the mobile app, you can find specific documentation by selecting from a dropdown list located at the top of this page.

To begin your journey with KidsLipi and fully experience what our platform offers, we recommend completing four key tasks:

  1. Activate a prebuilt activity level.

  2. Create a class and assign the prebuilt activity level to it.

  3. Add teachers and students to the class.

  4. Monitor student progress using the mobile app.

While KidsLipi offers a wide array of features – including built-in Text to Speech, custom activity creation, audio and image uploads, quiz and reading activity tools, and much more – new users are encouraged to start with these four tasks. This approach will help you become familiar with the platform and discover the value it brings to your students.

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