Manage Class Participants

The 'Manage Class Participants' feature in KidsLipi allows you to efficiently oversee and organize the students and teachers in each class. This section provides a detailed guide on how to add, remove, and manage class participants, ensuring each class is appropriately staffed and enrolled.

To Access Class Participants Page: Utilize the user icons within each class row to navigate to the Class Participants page.

Upon selecting the 'Persons' icon, you will be directed to the Class Participants page. Initially, this page will appear blank, but it will populate with names as you add students and teachers. The page is organized into two main sections:

  1. Students

  2. Teachers

From here, you have five key actions at your disposal:

  1. Add New Participant: Easily add students or teachers to the class.

  2. Edit Participant Role and Status: Modify roles (student or teacher) and adjust their status in the class.

  3. Remove Participant: Delete a participant from the class if necessary.

  4. Send Activation Email to Class: Dispatch an activation email to all participants of the class at once.

  5. Send Activation Email to Individual Participants: Target individual students or teachers with a specific activation email.

Below are screenshots illustrating how the page looks once students and teachers are added to a class.

To add a new participant to a class in KidsLipi, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 'Add' button located at the top right corner of the page. This action will open the 'Add Users' dialog box.

  2. Begin typing the name of the user you wish to add. If the user is already registered in the system but not in this class, their name and email will appear in a dropdown list for you to select.

  3. After selecting the user, choose their role from the 'Roles' dropdown menu. Currently available roles include Teacher, Teacher Assistant, and Admin, each with specific privileges.

  4. Confirm the selection to add the user to the class.

Please note that the available roles and their privileges may be updated in the future to accommodate evolving needs.

To edit the details of a participant in a class on KidsLipi, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the participant you wish to edit in the class list.

  2. Click on the 'Edit' icon next to their name. This icon typically resembles a pencil.

  3. In the edit interface, you will have the option to change the participant's role. Available roles may include Teacher, Teacher Assistant, Student, etc.

  4. You can also edit their enrollment status, such as active, inactive, or pending.

  5. After making the necessary changes, confirm to update the participant's details.

Note: To edit a student or teacher's name, you need to navigate to the 'Users' menu option. This section is designed for managing all users associated with your schools, allowing you to make changes to their personal information, including names.

This process ensures that you can effectively manage both the roles and personal details of each individual in your class, keeping your class organization seamless and up-to-date.

To remove a participant from a class in KidsLipi, follow these simple steps:

  1. In the class participant list, locate the individual you wish to remove.

  2. Click on the icon depicting a person with a minus sign (-), typically found next to the participant's name. This is the 'Remove' icon.

  3. A confirmation dialog box will appear, asking you to confirm your decision to remove the participant from the class.

  4. Select 'Yes' to proceed with the removal. This action will permanently delete the participant from the class list.

Note: It's important to review the participant's information before removal, as this action is irreversible and will remove all associated data of the participant from the class.

This straightforward process allows you to keep your class participant list updated, ensuring it accurately reflects the current members of your class.

Now that you've successfully added participants to your classes in KidsLipi, the next essential step is to invite them. This ensures that all your students and teachers are informed and can access the class resources. Let's proceed to how you can send out these crucial invitations.

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