Invite Class Participants

After successfully setting up your class and adding participants in KidsLipi, the platform offers two efficient ways to communicate via email:

  1. Email Individual Participants: This feature is designed for sending an activation message to specific class members. The 'Email' icon, located next to each participant's record in the class list, facilitates direct activation code notification. Simply click the icon to send it to a parent or teacher. Once an email is sent, the icon will change to a mail symbol with a checkmark.

  2. Email the Entire Class: For broader communication needs, the 'Send Activation Email to Class' button streamlines the process of sending activation code details to all class participants at once. Located at the top of the class participants page, this option enables you to send email with one click to all class members.

Note on School-Wide Notifications: It is possible to notify the entire school after all classes and participants have been set up for a given term. To do this, click 'Cancel' to exit the current page and return to the 'Manage Classes' page. From there, you can utilize the school-wide notification feature to reach out to the entire school community.

These email functionalities in KidsLipi ensure that you can maintain effective and timely communication with your class, enhancing the overall educational experience for both educators and students.

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